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CNC Shearing

Standard Feature Accessries

Moving beam Synchronized by differential cylinders

hardened rollers guide beam for constant blade gap.

Blade gap easily adjustable by calibrated levers.

Rake angle sdjustable to suit thikness and material.

Activation from consol and movable foot switch.

Sheet clamped Hydraucally before cut starts.

Stroke length - position can be set for short jobs.

Beam returns on releasing foot switch for smaler cuts.

First two hold downs spaced closer at both ends.

Squaring arm 1000mm at left with hardened liners.

Squaring arm 600mm at right helps distribute wear.

Two front supports for supporting longer plates.

Front operater mitorized back gauge 1000mm travel with D.R.O

Coppact, Low maintenance of silent Hydraulic system.


Mono Block Welded Steel ridid to deflection tensile Moment of high tensille.

Easy of accurate gap adjustment of blades for bur-free cuts.

Monorized back gauge with electronic digital readout.

Electronically adjustment RAKE ANGLE as per material of thickness for twist free cuts.

Synchronized Beam guided system for constant gap between Blades.

Extra capacity to cut Hard-thicker plate than nominal capacity.

Blades Produced from High alloying steel with functionalfour side.

Adjustable Cutting & clamping force for quality cutting & power saving,

Rapid cutting of short pieces by electrical stroke adjustment system.